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Central Curtainwall System Inc, Curtain Wall Suppliers Vancouver, Curtain Wall Manufacturers Vancouver

  1. First step of production is “Dies Cutting” specific to each design components.                                                  

  2. Aluminum Extrusion” is done by a long-term supplier with both volume & speed, established in 1989.  (Aluminum Extrusions are 6061-T6, 6063-T6 & 6063-T5)                                                                                     Once frames are extruded, they go through “Aluminum Painting” process at the facility certified by the PPG Industries, Inc.                                                                 

  3. Extrusion Fabrication” is done at a dedicated facility in Korea with modern equipment and capacity.                                                                  

  4. Frame Assembly” is carried out by experienced crews with know-how for complex 3D designs.        

  5. With all of the above done, frames are ready for “Factory Glazing.”  Our glass comes from the Vitro (Formerly PPG) certified facility with ensured product quality.

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